Statistics Online-Tasks

Here you can see the complete site statistics, advertising costs, payout statistics, etc....

Statistics is conducted in real time with a delay of 25 minutes. You can check all indicators with your own. Attention, if you notice that something is missing in the statistics items, you can leave your wishes to the administration through the feedback form, your application will be taken into account and submitted for consideration!

Parameter Value
PTC Ads from 0.02 to from 0.06
Tasks from 0.2
Lettersfrom 0.03
Available earnings
Available PTC ads1 - Ads
Avalable Letters0 - ads
Avalable Tasks2 - tsk.
Account Balance2000.03 P.
Purchase Balance25000 P.
Earnings from referrals 1 level
PTC Ads from 5% to 50%
Tasksfrom 1% to 3%
Lettersfrom 5% to 50%
Testsfrom 5% to 50%
Earnings from referral level 2
PTC Ads from 3% to 5%
Tasksfrom 3% to 5%
Lettersfrom 3% to 5%
Testsfrom 3% to 5%
Payment currency Points. 1 point = 0,01$
Payment system WebMoney
Instant payment Off
Minimum to Cash out 1500
Site commission No
Total paid 10 p.
Number of payments 1
Auto-approved advertising Yes
Advertising payment WebMoney, Payeer (qiwi,yandex,visa)
Banner Ad